Thursday, July 28, 2016

TENNIS A SPORT FOR LIFE - Aphrodite Hills Tennis Academy

A few words from our Head Coach

I have been a professional Coach for over 20 years, teaching tennis to a variety of players from complete beginners to advanced professional players.

Demographics of Tennis
The majority of tennis players are either junior players or adult players coming back to the game after work and family commitments have eased.

What benefits does tennis give a player?
Playing outdoors in the fresh air Improved personal fitness
Learning new skills and techniques
Improved agility and footwork
Fun and rewarding game
Builds your social circle of friends
A very rewarding and active lifestyle

How long can you play tennis for?
Tennis is a game for everyone - from 4 years old tiny tots tennis to 80 years+ social tennis.
I have coached a lot of social footballers who have given up competing due to injuries but still want a sport with a competitive edge, that also helps keep them fit – tennis is the perfect game.

Rusty Rackets Tennis - what is this?
Rusty Rackets is a group tennis class designed for adult players who have played a little tennis years ago - at school or at a club, but work and family life took priority. This Course is perfect for the returning tennis player to get back into the swing of tennis.

What is Cardio Tennis?
Cardio Tennis is a high energy - fitness – fun tennis class to music. High energy – heart pumping fitness! No previous tennis experience necessary and beginners are welcome.
Enjoy hitting lots of low compression tennis balls (easier to hit).
It doesn’t matter if your shots land in the court or out - the idea is to burn calories whilst getting an understanding of the tennis strokes.

Complete Beginner Classes
These Classes are aimed at players who have never picked up a tennis racket or stepped on to a court. Players are shown basic strokes and coordination exercises to help develop their game.

Junior Group Coaching Classes
These Classes are a great way for juniors to develop their game whilst having fun and making new friends. Players will be shown technical, tactical and physical exercises to improve all round performance. The cost of a group lesson is considerably less expensive than private 1:1 tuition.

Adult Group Coaching Tennis Classes
These Classes are designed for players to hit lots of tennis balls - back court, mid court and front court specific drills, to improve overall techniques and get you match ready… whatever your level!
If you are bored with your fitness routines or would like to try a new challenging fun active sport, then don’t be shy come and give tennis a try! Non-Members are welcome.
At Aphrodite Hills Tennis Academy, we have the professional Coaching Team and Courses in place to help you reach your own personal goals from complete beginners to advanced players.

Please call Tennis Reception on T: +357 26 828 122 or E:
The Tennis Team look forward to welcoming you on court

Scott Wakefield
Head Tennis Professional

Aphrodite Hills Tennis Academy, Cyprus

Friday, July 1, 2016

Macmillan Cancer Support – Longest Day Golf Challenge

On Monday 20th of June, the four golf courses in Paphos saw two teams of Professionals and Amateurs put their bodies and minds on the line for the Macmillan Cancer Support by completing the charity’s marathon golfing challenge under extremely warm temperatures.
The Longest Day Golf Challenge saw 8 superheroes completing for the first time in Cyprus walking 72 holes in just a single day to raise money for charity.

The 1st Team consisted of Danny Heard (Golf Professional at Aphrodite Hills), Scott Beaven (Golf Professional at Aphrodite Hills), Adam Collinson (Golf Professional at Elea), and Derek Smith (course superintendent at Secret Valley).
The 2nd Team consisted of Gary Clive, Andy Malpas, Gaz Carr and Chinny Richards (all from RAF Akrotiri).

The day started very early at Minthis Hills were the teams teed off at 5:30am before the sunrise and completing the first round in just 2.5 hours! The format for the day was the best two stableford scores to count per hole.
Rounds 2 & 3 were played at Elea and Secret Valley Golf Clubs respectively with both rounds also being completed in under 3 hours. A special mention must go to Derek Smith who managed 42 stableford points at Secret Valley on his own! Pretty special considering it was the 3rd round of the day!

The guys made their way along to Aphrodite Hills and teed off at 16.30, buggies were laid on for them to drive from 2 to 3 and down the 7th hole. Whatever possessed them when they finished the 2nd we do not know but they WALKED round to 3rd and then down the 7th for good measure. When questioned they said that they had done so much, why spoil it with 4 wheels for a few minutes!
Understandably the standard of golf late in the day wasn’t sparkling but they soldiered on despite obvious pain and walked up towards the 18th green literally at 8.00pm to numerous supporters and well wishers.

After nearly 15 hours of golf it was all over and the final total raised was calculated. At an estimate we guess it to be €8,500. But there are still people donating.
The funds will be split between Macmillan Cancer Support and St Michaels Hospice in Paphos.
Both teams would like to thank all those who have supported them in this challenge and especially to everyone that gave money to this amazing charity!

Danny’s Team overall on the four courses made 45 birdies, 1 eagle and 144 Pars!!
‘The past 12 months had been unkind to many of us in the golf industry in Cyprus from this horrible disease.  I’m certainly not clever enough to research a cure but I wanted to do what I could.
What seemed like a brilliant idea in January became a bit more complicated in the June temperatures but all the pain we went through is worth it knowing we raised such a large sum of money.
I’m available next year for advice but I’m certainly not doing it again!’ said Danny Heard.

‘It was one of the hardest and longest days of my life. I couldn't have done it without my team mates or the guys and girls that supported us throughout the day on the drinks and food buggy.

I'm so happy that our team could raise so much money, with help from the wonderful people we know, for a great cause. The people with cancer that we are trying to help have it 100 times worse everyday. I'm so glad we could do something to help their cause even if it was only playing golf.
Thank you to everyone that donated’, said Scott Beaven.

About Macmillan Cancer Support:
Cancer is one of the toughest fights most of the people will ever face in their lives. The year 2016 wasn’t the best one for our Members, Staff, Friends and Family as some of them have been diagnosed with cancer and some have lost the battle.

The people at Macmillan, the nurses, the therapists are supporting the people affected by cancer. Not only the nurses but also the volunteers, the expects, the supporters and the fundraisers are the ones who make it possible for the Macmillan Cancer Support. It’s an excellent charity that worth’s every single penny and more. It is one of the largest British charities and provides support and health care to thousands of people who are struggling with this disease either this has been medical, practical, financial even emotional support.

Aphrodite Hills Golf - TripAdvisor Award of Excellence 2016


Aphrodite Hills Golf Course has been recognized for offering Superior Service as Reviewed by Travelers on the world’s Largest Travel Site, Trip Advisor.

Aphrodite Hills Golf Course is pleased to announce that it has received a 2016 Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor.

With the award, TripAdvisor recognizes hospitality excellence for businesses that consistently receive and achieve outstanding traveler reviews over the past year. It includes accommodations, attractions which are located over the world that have continually delivered a quality customer experience. This certificate can only be won by receiving consistently great reviews from our customers. It is therefore a great reflection on the level of our customer service and facilities as well as the great work of the team.

The magnificent golf course, designed by acclaimed architect Cabell Robinson with stunning views to the Mediterranean and its exquisite setting among natural vegetation, it is with no surprise that this certificate of excellence has been presented to Aphrodite Hills Golf Course. Aphrodite Hills is unique, exotic, challenging and the exceptional service earns the five stars reviews. The Aphrodite Hills Golf Course tests both advanced and beginner golfers, a place where you can play the game of golf all year round.

‘We thank all our guests who added their great reviews and photos after their experience at Aphrodite Hills Golf Course. Our team puts great emphasis of the quality of customer service, this is paramount to all at Aphrodite Hills. This award gives us all a true sense of pride’ says Chryso Iasonos, Golf Marketing Executive. ‘This certificate is a reflection of the hard work and efforts of all Aphrodite Hills staff who strive to meet the needs of our customers. It gives us a great sense of achievement and we promise to stay committed to excellence’, adds Chryso Iasonos.

TripAdvisor branded sites operate in 48 countries worldwide, a prestigious travel website that receives more than 340 million unique visitors** and over 350 million reviews and opinions each month. The world’s largest site* allows travelers to share experiences at facilities and resorts around the world to plan and book their perfect holidays since many guests rely on previous travelers’ experiences to shape their own adventures.

We are very thankful to be awarded the 2016 Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor and would once again like to express our sincere thank you to all our guests who have reviewed us. We strive to deliver an outstanding and memorable golf experience at Aphrodite Hills and the feedback we receive allows us to develop this further.

Thank you for your continued support and we hope to see you all again very soon at Aphrodite Hills Golf Course!

*Source: comScore Media Metrix for TripAdvisor Sites, worldwide, February 2016

**Source: TripAdvisor log files, Q1 2016

Monday, November 9, 2015

Universal Children's Day - from our Kids Club Team

In recognition of the great importance for promoting and safeguarding the rights of a child, ‘Universal Children’s Day’ is celebrated annually and this year is on Friday 20th November. Theoretically, celebrating Universal Children's Day is about recognising children as active participants in their own lives and communities, or as active citizens who can and should meaningfully contribute to their own decision-making. 

A child is classed as any person below the age of 18 years old. The main characteristic of a child is their youth and vulnerability. As a child grows towards future adulthood, they have no means to protect themselves and because of this children need to be the objects of particular interest and protection. All humans are entitled to be able to enjoy basic human rights, which are the standards required so that people can live with dignity and in safety. By ratifying the United Nations Convention on the rights of a child, society ensures that all children are treated with dignity and respect, including the opportunity for them to have a voice, be protected from harm and be provided with all basic needs in order to reach their full potential.

It is a fact that children's rights are human rights; protecting the child as a human being. Children across world have the right to live life with no discrimination and to develop physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Children also have civil and political rights; such as the right to an identity and nationality, additionally economic, social and cultural rights, including the significant right to health and education. Undoubtedly, it is very important for all adults and governments to recognise the right of every child, so they have access to the world, to learn through play and to feel a valued and empowered member of their community.

However, a multitude of children around the world are still exploited, abused and discriminated against. Tragically, every year millions of children's lives are cut short by entirely preventable causes. For instance, treatable illnesses, malnutrition, poor hygiene or lack of safe water and sanitation are usually the reasons for many of these deaths. There are children around us affected by armed conflict, in conflict with the law or in the care of the state. Additionally, there are children living on the streets, coping with disabilities, experiencing sexual exploitation, or suffering from discrimination because of their religious or ethnic minority status. 

In conclusion, every child has the right to grow and thrive, no matter of circumstances or socioeconomic backgrounds.

As adults, let us make a promise to children. We must do everything in our power to protect and promote their rights to survive, learn and to make their voices heard. After all, as a teacher I strongly believe that when we educate our children we empower our communities. The development and education of a child is not only a universal right, it is a powerful tool to break the cycles of poverty, disease and social inequity. The best gift we can give to the world is to ensure a safe, healthy, educated and able future generation.

Ritsa Michael - Kids Club Supervisor
November 2015 

Click for more information on why our Kids Club says "It's All About Kids!" - Aphrodite Hills Kids Club

Friday, October 30, 2015

Aphrodite Hills Golf - Glenfiddich Team Cup 2015

Aphrodite Hills Golf Club was proud to host the Glenfiddich Team Cup 2015! This year we had the support from our sponsor Glenfiddich (William Grant and Sons) together with the distributor of their product in Cyprus, The Vassos Eliades Company. Great to see our Sponsor back with their leading brand of Whisky! Their combined effort has made the four day event possibly the most prestigious golf tournament in Cyprus, proven to be another hugely successful event with enormous praise from this year’s players and by many from the previous years.
This year we have had a record 23 Teams (92 players) participating in the event; the four days of competitive golf was at Aphrodite Hills Golf between 1st and 4th October. Players flew all the way from Spain, Sweden, Germany, UK, USA for this fabulous event! The Event started with a welcome cocktail on Wednesday 30th September with 150 players and guests. The Director of Golf, Andrew Darker welcomed all teams and wished them the best of luck during the week. Some tastings of the finest Glenfiddich Whisky was provided to all players during the welcome party and offered throughout the week; all provided by William Grant & Sons.

The tournament had a different format for each day, starting on Thursday 1st October with an AM/AM format where the best two scores from each hole counted towards the team score. Leaders after day one was team Akrotiri ATC with a fantastic score of 99 points. This was their first time Akrotiri ATC they were competing in the team cup and to be in front after day one was certainly a great achievement. On Day two the format of the competition was BetterBall, where both scores were counted towards the team score. After their leading score on Day one the Akrotiri ATC were leading again with 83 points followed by the team Sultans of Swing with the total score of 77 points making it a challenge for the rest of the teams to catch up. On Day three, the format of the competition was Greensomes, where both scores were counted towards the team score. The team AngloScots took the upper hand and finished with 78 points, followed once again by the team Sultans of Swing with 74 points.
The last day of the tournament was an Individual Stableford, where all four individual 18 hole scores were counted towards the team score. Team Malt Easers turned things around with a fantastic score of 132 being the leaders for the day, but that wasn’t enough to reach the overall score. The overall Winners of the Glenfiddich Team Cup 2015 was the team Akrotiri ATC (Adam Rothwell, Mark Fletcher, Will Mitchel, Graeme Donelly) with a total score of 380 points. The runners up were the Team Episkopi Uisge Beatha (Graham Highet, John Gillie, Dave Grant, Paul Barry) with 357 points.

A fantastic tournament and a great week of golf. The Aphrodite Hills Golf Course was in terrific condition during the 4 days thanks to the ongoing hard work of Green Keepers. The weather of course was good as we could imagine. There was some excellent golf played during all four days with teams battling out on the course to see who will be the year winner. The tournament was organized by Chryso Iasonos (Golf Memberships & Marketing Executive) and Andrew Darker (Director of Golf) with the assistance of the entire golf team.

The Ladies on the other hand, had two days of Competition which took place on the 1st and 3rd of October. The format of their competition was an Individual Stableford. With a total of 20 ladies playing, the overall winner was Natalia Buzdalina with her amazing aggregate score of 76 points, followed by Irene Wake with a score of 72 Points. Thanks to Flightline Support Ltd for supporting the Ladies and enhancing the event this year.

The closing of this inaugural event couldn’t close better than the Annual Glenfiddich Gala Dinner which took place at Morpheus Ballroom at the Aphrodite Hills Resort Hotel. The Hotel hosted over 150 Members & Guests who all enjoyed the excellent food selection from our F&B Department.

The Glenfiddich Team Cup 2015 was a huge success with most of the teams already signing for 2016 Glenfiddich Team Cup to be held on 29th September – 2nd October 2016.

The Management of Golf would like to thank and congratulate all Members and Visitors and for all those who came from abroad to take part in the Glenfiddich Team Cup. Our sincere thank you also goes to our Sponsors William Grant & Sons and the Vassos Eliades Company. Their contribution played a major role in making the Glenfiddich Team Cup a massive success!

We all look forward to the 2016 Glenfiddch Team Cup. If you would like to register your team for next year please contact Chryso Iasonos or Andrew Darker at the Golf Club.  

 DAY 4
Akrotiri ATC
Episkopi Uisge Beatha
Weapons of Grass Destruction
Russkie Medvedi

Aphrodite Hills Golf - Captain's Day Tournament

Cancer Patient’s Support Group was the theme as Sir David O’ Dowd and Linda O’Neill, Captains at Aphrodite Hills Golf Club, ran their Annual Charity Captains Day on Wednesday 7th of October in aid of PASYKAF Homecare Nurses and Support Services for Cancer Patients in Paphos.
The Captains Day 2015 commenced with perfect blue skies and a golf course in fabulous condition, a full field of 80 golfers set out to compete with each other on the golf course. The competition started with tee times from 10:10 until 12:50. Men played from the white tees and the ladies played from the Blue tees, the format was Individual Stableford.
The Event was organized by the Club’s Captains Sir David and Linda with the assistance of AH Staff, Chryso Iasonos (Golf Membership & Marketing Executive) and Andrew Darker (Director of Golf). Great work was done by both parties in creating a fun and competitive atmosphere throughout the day.
Apart from the Individual Stableford competition there were also many individual prizes, including both straightest and longest drives, nearest the pins and a putting competition. There was also the opportunity to ‘Beat the Pro’, with the Golf Professional Danny Heard on Hole 17 who managed to collect €390 for the Charity Donation. Both Captains sponsored the prize holes making a fun challenge for the members and guests.

In the evening a pre-cocktail reception was held outside the Morpheus Ballroom at the Aphrodite Hills Resort Hotel followed by the Gala Dinner. The Hotel hosted more than 140 members and their guests who all enjoyed the excellent food selection by our F & B Department. By tradition, the Gala Dinner opened with the piping in of the two Captains our ScottishMember James Baxter, playing traditional music on the pipes into the Ballroom. After the dinner the Director of Golf, Andrew Darker started the Prize Giving Ceremony together with the two Captains presenting and handing the prizes to the winners. Some excellent scores were returned and the winners were:


Putting Competition
Men: Mike Shiroi, Ladies: Chris Smith
Nearest the Pin Hole 5 - Ladies
Margaret Walker
Nearest the Pin Hole 5 - Men
David Morris
Nearest the Pin Hole 7 - Ladies
Irene Wake
Nearest the Pin Hole 7 - Men
Marshall Jablon
Nearest the Pin Hole 12 - Ladies
Helen Wilhelmsen
Nearest the Pin Hole 12 - Men
Ray Smith
Nearest the Pin Hole 15 - Ladies
Natalia Buzdalina
Nearest the Pin Hole 15 - Men
Tommy Mee
Nearest the Pin Hole 17 - Ladies
Mikky Campbell
Nearest the Pin Hole 17 - Men
Neil Whalley
Nearest the Pin in 2 Shots Hole 14 -Ladies
Irene Wake
Nearest the Pin in 2 Shots Hole 14 - Men
Steve Jowett
Ladies Longest Drive Hole 6
Chris Smith
Men Longest Drive Hole 3
Sergey Smirnov
MIXED Straightest Drive Hole 2
Freda Lewis


Lady Guest Winner
Helen Wilhelmsen
3rd Place Lady Winner
Lilian Van der Werff
Ladies Runner Up
Tatiana Chernycheva
Lady Winner
Natalia Buzdalina

Mens Guest Winner
John Roberts
3rd Place Mens Winner
Marshall Jablon
Mens Runner Up
Yiannis Demetriou
Mens Winner
Steve Clarke

For information on our Golf Tournaments & Events visit: Aphrodite Hill Golf Events