Friday, September 10, 2010

Keeping occupied

A child who spends all day colouring inside will miss out on the physical benefits that can be gained from out-door play. Similarly, a child who never does quiet activities may struggle with concentration.

My children feel that they have stepped into an exciting Adventure of World discovery when ever they come up to the Resort.

At the Kids Clubs of Aphrodite Hills there are diversified selections of activities that cater for all children, whether it is outdoor games on the multipurpose courts, garden games at the Village Square or water polo in the out door pools. In the Clubs they can join in a variety of indoor games as well a vast assortment of Arts & Crafts. My favourite being the scrap booking which is usually done using photos from the Photography session. If you want something specific to keep your child occupied whilst on Holiday, these Clubs are the places to be.

My girls first learnt to use a camera right here during the photography sessions, my son played his first ever game of tennis the other evening with William and since then I’ve had to buy a tennis game for his Wii. I think he imagines himself to be the next Marcos Baghdadi, however I think I would liken him more to the 1980’s tennis star John McEnroe.

Wait till he tries out the football, I’ll be looking for a David Beckham t-shirt next. Well perhaps he can design his own in the Kids Club during his next visit.

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