Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Chidren's Club at Aphrodite Hills Resort!

The Aphrodite Hills Resort is pleased to announce the commencement of works for the new and fully integrated Children’s Club!

The new children’s paradise will be located at the heart of Aphrodite Hills Resort right next to the current children’s playground and it will feature a spacious indoor Kids club for all ages, a separated baby Crèche, shaded play areas, an outdoor adventure playground including an inflatable and trampoline bay, a multi surface court and a 75 m² children’s swimming pool with active water slide!

Children will also still enjoy daily fun activities that include daily arts and crafts sessions, canvas painting, dance classes as well as, fun water and sporting activities, which include water Polo, mini-football, mini-golf, table tennis, tennis and basketball. For older children a range of fantastic evening entertainment including; Karaoke, a variety of talent shows, camp-outs, disco and movie nights will also be available, where as, parents can rest assure as all of the above activities will be supervised by the Resort’s professional recreation team.

This new Aphrodite Hills Children’s Club will be covering a vast area of 3000m² and is scheduled to be ready by the end of April 2011!


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  6. Thank you all for participating in the competition. We will be reviewing all of the slogans and will get back to you once we have decided!

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  8. We have decided on a slogan for the new kids club! Although everyone’s suggestions were great, “Its all about kids” was chosen and suggested by someone in-house. Again, we thank everyone for participating!