Thursday, February 24, 2011

Unleash your potential with renowned sports psychologist

We would like to invite you to a first in Cyprus. A free seminar by renowned sports psychologist, Kurt Wiederkehr, where he will teach the basics of a new way to learn, to unlock the potential you have in tennis, other sports, business and life in general. It will help you to stop fighting against yourself and learn how to win.

Kurt Wiederkehr has developed the Mental Matchplay (MMP)method over a number of years and has its inspiration from the years he spent with Timothy Gallwey in the USA, author of the Inner Game of Tennis, the Inner game of Golf, the Inner game of Work and several others. This has been combined with studies carried out by Kurt Wiederkehr over a period of 15 years, where the behaviour of 50,000 tennis players was researched and scientifically analysed.

Aphrodite Hills Tennis Academy is run by the European Tennis Academy, the brainchild of Kurt Wiederkehr, which very successfully utilises the Mental Match Play method in its tennis coaching.

If you would like to attend what we believe will be a very special event, or would like to arrange an interview, please do not hesitate to contact Jay or Wyn on +357 26 828122 or

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