Monday, June 27, 2011

Spa Retreat News July 2011

Timis our Personal Trainer has been awarded with a Certificate of Excellence from one of the world’s leading Spa Holiday experts, Wellbeing Escapes. Timis’ efforts to go that extra mile for his clients have been recognized… and for that we thank him and congratulate him.

Standards at the Fitness Centre are also being improved and include the introduction of antiseptic gels and sprays for more hygienic equipment and a Recovery Room, where you can recuperate after your workout and enjoy a refreshing drink on the lounge chairs.

New classes, such as ‘Zumba’ on Saturdays are also doing very well; there is however, room for more - so be sure to sign up and get into the Latin spirit. If shaking your hips is not your thing, then every Friday we also have our weekly Yoga Class, helping to balance both your mind and body.

Some extra innovations…

With the summer heat increasing day by day, we’ve introduced a few cooling touches to refresh you as you relax by our scenic infinity pool. Our attendants will be offering a ‘spray of cool mist’ or a frozen fruit stick to keep the soaring temperatures at bay. If your sunglasses need a polish, one of our attendants will be happy to clean them for you.

All our garden areas are now open, including the ‘Atrium’ with the relaxing sounds of running water and the ‘Secret Garden’ for secluded and peaceful sunbathing

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