Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our Award Winning Gym Instructor Tim Kampanelis on CYBC

Our award-winning Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer, Timis Kampanelis is featured on CYBC’s 7-10 show, broadcasted weekly…

In this particular episode, the host of the show, Gavriella Christodoulou announces Timis’ award from ‘Wellbeing Escapes’. This coveted award from the world’s leading experts in ‘Spa & Wellbeing Holidays’ is in recognition of Timis’ outstanding personal training services.

This episode also highlights some of Timis’ techniques including these valuable additions to our daily exercise routine, which guarantee further improvement in the benefits and results of regular exercise:

Sumo Squats (20 reps) Workout of the lower body (glutes, legs & thighs)
Ladies or Men’s Push-ups (20 reps) Workout of the upper body (chest, shoulders, back & arms)
Abs (20 reps) Abdominal workout
Plank with movement

Enjoy the show

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