Monday, July 25, 2011

Get fit this Summer with Timis Tips!

We’re all looking for a killer beach bod, and what better way than to return from a week of sun and sea than with one? No, we’re not talking about eloping with your personal fitness trainer (although it may be tempting), but honing our own bodies into a healthy shape. Thankfully we’ve enlisted the services of Aphrodite Hills’ 28 year old personal training star, Timmis Kampanellis, to give us some top tips for getting svelte this summer.

What is the best way to a beach body?

You must always mix good nutrition with exercise. You must do it if you want to see good results. For people who are coming late to getting into shape, the first thing they must do is start exercising immediately with functional training, which is exercising with your own body weight.

Try this exercise which will only take 15-20 minutes you will work hard and burn a lot of fat in a short amount of time. Move from each set of exercises without stopping.

  1. Do 20 Sumo squats – open your legs wide and do a squat, like a ballerina doing a plié, keeping toes to the outside of the knees.

  2. Next, 20 lunges nonstop – these and the squats are both very good for your thighs and gluteal muscles, plus burn a large amount of calories.

  3. Then 10 squat jumps, a squat followed by a jump.

  4. Then 20 pushups or women’s pushups (with knees on the floor) which is great for the arms, upper body, and bingo wings.

  5. Finish with 20 crunches.

  6. Repeat this routine three times and you’ll have a full cardio workout which tones muscles at the same time.

How does the New TRX system help a workout?

The TRX system is a great way to start getting into shape. It’s easy and functional to use anywhere and everywhere, you just need something to hang it from. The TRX is really effective because you twist two kinds of muscle fibres, short muscle fibres and long muscle fibres. While your body tries to recover over the rest of the day you’ll be burning lots of calories. If you eat healthily, and you must, and reduce the carbs for a few days, you’ll see very quick weight loss results.

Who do you think the TRX training system is most suitable for?

All ages, because you’re working with your own body weight. It’s great for building a nice firm body with nice lines, the natural, althletic body you were meant to have. It’s a highly personalised system because it’s all about you working with what your weight is exactly. I teach clients two ways of exercise, one how to use the TRX, and if they don’t want to buy them I tell them how to work out with exercises in their house using their body weight. Each client can take their own programme back home with them.

And how do you think it’s different from pilates and powerplate?

It’s a lower impact programme, and you will see results but it’s gentler and not so quick, it takes longer as you’re not pressing yourself to you limits in quite the same way.

What food would you recommend for training?

After training a fresh juice mixed with different fruits, and as the heat in summer is greater than winter we need to protect ourselves with vitamins.. mix orange carrots and apple.

What foods would you avoid?

Bad carbs and fat. Take less food in the summer and drink more water and you’ll lose weight. To maintain weight keep giving something to yourself every 3 hours and you’ll be able to balance your insulin and blood sugar levels. Eating something healthy in this time stops you giving in to cravings.

What do you find most satisfying about your job?

Making people happy and helping them change their lifestyle and achieve their goals, if somebody wants to lose a certain amount of weight and they succeed in that, I am more happy than them.

What’s your number one health tip?

My number one health tip is to stay positive and be positive. If you are not positive then you are not going to eat in a healthy way, and you are not going to train, and everything collapses. My tip is to have positive energy and then you will succeed in everything. If you are a negative person, you can have all the knowledge in the world but you are not going to find success.

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