Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Spa Retreat News September 2011

The heat has been sweltering down on us this month, and it seems there is little to do other than soak up the sun and chill out with a cool drink. August is the peak of the holiday season for a reason, so our advice is... why fight it, just relax and let the stress escape you.

Juice Bar

With this philosophy in mind we have created some truly refreshing juices and smoothies for our guests to enjoy poolside or in the shaded relaxation gardens of the spa. These compliment our new healthy menu that has been created with an expert nutritionist to ensure that guests don’t only get a meal that tastes great, but something that is really good for you too.

The menu includes a range of appetisers, salads, wraps and lunches that can be followed by something delicious to satisfy your sweet tooth without denting your diet.


Also this month, we’re pleased to have had some great interest in our bi-weekly skin consultations. Every Wednesday and Friday at midday in the Intercontinental Hotel lobby, our expert beauty therapists armed with the Pevonia skin scanner have been giving out free advice to hotel guests and visitors. Whether you’re concerned about sensitivity, sun damage, aging or you just would like to know more about your skin type then our consultations will give you an in-depth understanding that will satisfy even the most beauty conscious.


Keep your eyes open this month whilst you relax by the hotel pool as our Spa Representative may be testing your spa knowledge with our fun quiz... you never know, you could be a prize winner.


Whilst some of us may be finding it difficult to be motivated in the heat, others are fighting fit and our classes are increasing with popularity. After all, the fitness centre air conditioning is working hard! Saturday’s Zumba is keeping our hips swinging, whilst Fridays yoga is calming our souls so whichever is right for you, be sure to reserve your place.

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