Sunday, July 24, 2011

Spa Retreat News August 2011

July has been a very interesting month at the Retreat Spa; we’ve been learning new things and taking on new experiences. We have welcomed new team members and seen others take on new roles… changes are happening and all of them are positive!

The Spa has been working in cooperation with Pevonia; a premier in the Spa industry for many years. The name, ’Pevonia’ stems from Greek mythology. Legend has it that the gods’ physician, ‘Paion’ discovered peonia - an exquisite flower filled with a magical essence. Once extracted, its purity and power could miraculously cure a number of ills. And so the legend grew… a perfect fit for a Spa situated so close to Aphrodite’s Rock!

We have been very lucky to have one of Pevonia’s Senior Trainers with us this month. She has been introducing the Therapists to some new products, techniques and treatments which we are very excited to try out. We have also been revising our skills and refreshing our minds, to ensure we stay at the peak of our performance.

Working together with our Spa Manager, Anastasia they have been planning new strategies, which will give all Spa guests a more complete experience with us; one which will not only relax you, but give you excellent results as well.

The Retreat Spa, together with the rest of the Resort was used by the competitors for the ‘Miss Cyprus’ title this month, during which they shot mini films of each of the contestants with the Resort as the background. The contestants told us they found our Spa fully deserved its reputation as a place for tranquillity and relaxation; particularly after all the hard work they had been doing to prepare for the beauty contest.

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