Thursday, September 1, 2011

Featured Property September: Ariadne 3 bedroom Appartment

Theseus Village Ariadne, Ground Floor Three Bedroom Apartment

The Ariadne three bedroom ground floor Apartment is named after one of Theseus’ loves. It spills from the living and dining areas into landscaped gardens, shaded by pergolas romantically draped in flowering plants. The covered terraces provide additional shading from the Mediterranean sun.

The Apartment building itself has its own entry piazza and ample parking, whilst imaginative garden design creates picturesque vistas. Combined with a graceful mix of local stonework, timber and traditional Cypriot detail, this Apartment setting is the perfect tranquil retreat.

The Apartment includes 96m2 of living space with 25m2 of covered terrace and 9m2 of uncovered terrace.

Theseus Village is arranged around three terraces, with commanding views towards the sea and the horizon. Each terrace has an individual character, yet there is no mistaking they belong together. The natural contours upon which the village is set give the site some of its unique attractions. The architects have been careful not to destroy this, instead working with the spirit of the site to achieve a natural and comfortable harmony. At the heart of Theseus village is the main swimming pool with its shady trees, gazebo, and pavilion, which also serves as an informal focus for the village. This will be a perfect spot from which to enjoy the spectacular local sunsets and embrace the Cypriot love of the sea.

Note: This Apartment includes a 30% discount on the price.


Covered Area: 96 m2
Covered Terrace: 25 m2
Uncovered Terrace: 9 m2
Total Area: 130 m2

Ariadne Apartment Features:
    • Bedrooms 3
    • Bathrooms 2
    • Guest Bathroom 1
    • Communal Swimming Pools
    • Garden
    • Parking
    • Air Conditioning
    • Provision for Central Heating
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