Friday, February 24, 2012

Aphrodite Hills Tennis Academy Team

The beginning of spring has arrived and the memories of a horrible winter should now be behind us, so we can now look forward to months of sunshine and dry weather. Tennis is definitely on the agenda at Aphrodite Hills. With the recent introduction of the Annabel Croft Tennis Academy and its fantastic members of staff, we are really in for a treat this year. So let the games begin…

This month we begin by introducing the Academy’s Coaching Staff, followed by a very exciting programme for the Easter period. Read on to find out more!

See you all soon at the Annabel Croft Tennis Academy, where you will meet the newest member of our Coaching Staff, our new assistant Larry!

The Annabel Croft Tennis Academy is justifiably proud of its Coaching Team at Aphrodite Hills. All of our Coaches have undergone many hours of training and time on court with players from all over the world. The Coaching Team delivers lessons in English, but lessons can also be arranged for players in either Russian or German. Please read a little information about each one of our superb team below:

Aphrodite Hills Tennis Academy Instructors

Left to right: Jay Querns, Annabel Croft, Wyn Lewis

Head Coach - Wyn Rhys Lewis

Wyn Lewis heads the Coaching Team at the Annabel Croft Tennis Academy, Aphrodite Hills. Hailing from Swansea in Wales, Wyn had an illustrious junior playing career in the UK, representing South Wales and winning numerous junior titles, including the Welsh National Double Championships in 2002.

Wyn moved into coaching in 2005 and made an immediate impact with his enthusiastic style and passion for helping people to learn the game of tennis. He has been at Aphrodite Hills longer than any other Coach and holds a USPTR and LTA license. Wyn is on hand at the Academy to help players plan their perfect tennis programme during their stay at Aphrodite Hills and states that “style and flair are just as important as technique when playing tennis”. Expect to be inspired during your time in Wyn’s company!

Assistant Coach - Jay Querns

Jay Querns hails from the West of Scotland and brings a host of experience to the courts at the Annabel Croft Tennis Academy, as both a player and a Coach. Following a playing career at the highest level for his county, Jay moved to Tenerife to start his coaching career. Now in his 12th year as a Tennis Coach, Jay holds both USPTR and PTR coaching qualifications and has accumulated experience at clubs and hotels across Europe. In 2009 he moved to Aphrodite Hills, where he has become a firm favourite with players of all levels and ages.

Jay states that “tennis is the complete sport” and states that Pete Sampras was a major influence on him, as a player with shots that looked effortless but were lethal to opponents. Players working with Jay will no doubt be emulating “Pistol Pete” themselves by the end of their stay!

Assistant Coach - Sinisia Bogdanovic

Sinisia hails from Serbia and has been coaching tennis for over 8 years. Starting his coaching career at the Tennis Club “Sol” in Serbia, Sinisia moved to Cyprus in 2008 to work at the Top Spin Tennis Academy in Paphos and then arrived at Aphrodite Hills in 2011. He holds the highest qualification available in his native Serbia and importantly he speaks fluent Russian and some German, allowing him to deliver his fantastic lessons to the international visitors to our Academy.

Of course Sinisia is a very proud Tennis Coach right now - with Serbia in its ‘golden’ era of tennis players. Novak Djokovic, Jarko Tipsarovic and Jelena Jankovic make quite a showcase for amazing development of the sport in Serbia and no doubt Sinisia is able to offer players unique insights into the mindset and development of these players.

Introducing the newest member of the team…

Larry the Lobster has just been introduced to the Tennis Academy. His role will be to assist the Coaches in their on-court delivery and to provide assistance for anyone who wants to hire him out for the hour on court.

For prices and information on how to hire Larry the Lobster, please contact us at +357 26 828122 or via the web here.

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