Friday, March 2, 2012

Huge savings when you buy a NEW home in Cyprus - before 2nd June 2012!

Until now, Cyprus law always stated that for every sale of a property on the transfer of the Title Deeds, fees totaling an average of 5% must be paid by the Purchaser during the transfer procedure. However, we are delighted to inform you that the Government of Cyprus has announced the abolition of transfer fees for any new property purchases within the next six months, irrespective of the time taken for the Title Deeds of the property to be transferred to the Buyer.

In relation to this extremely beneficial announcement, Lanitis Development has also decided to offer up to 30% discount off the original asking price of a select number of properties at Aphrodite Hills Resort.

Therefore, the combination of the abolition of the transfer fees and the advantageous discount on purchase prices, gives you the opportunity to buy a property at the luxurious, award-winning five-star Aphrodite Hills Resort at a substantially reduced price.

Now, it certainly is the perfect time to buy a property at Aphrodite Hills.

The following properties are just a few examples of the benefits resulting from the changes described above:

Apartment CE12 - Two Bedrooms

From €543,500 | Now €380,450

Initial Price: €543,500
Reduced Price: €380,450
Saving: €163,050

Transfer Fees Previously: €23,602
Now: € 0

Saving: €23,602

TOTAL SAVING: €186,652

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