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Annabel Croft Tennis Academy Cyprus April News and Offers

Welcome to the Tennis Academy Newsletter for April. Finally, it seems that the rains have gone and spring is now well underway!

This month, we focus our attention on competition, clay courts and tennis retail. Read on to find out more about the competitive side of the Annabel Croft Tennis Academy at Aphrodite Hills, how to play on a clay court and details on the fantastic new offers currently in the Club Shop.

Playing competitive tennis has both its advantages and disadvantages, but in recent times with the global focus on health and wellbeing, the ‘pros’ far outweigh the ‘cons’. Playing competitive tennis in either singles or doubles matches burns many more calories than just recreational play. Read on to find out why… and how playing on clay can help you burn even more calories!

Calories are burned during tennis…

As with any exercise, the number of calories you burn playing tennis depends on how intensely you are working. Tennis can be a leisurely activity played by doubles partners for a half an hour or it can be a grueling battle between two highly competitive people that can go on for hours.

Women’s Singles

  • A 5ft 5in, 30 year-old woman who weighs 130 pounds will burn 404 calories in an hour of competitive singles’ tennis.
    A 50 year-old woman of the same height and weight will burn about 30 fewer calories in an hour. 

Men's Singles

  • A 6ft, 30 year-old man who weighs 160 pounds will burn 511 calories in an hour of competitive singles’ tennis.
    A 50 year-old man of the same height and weight will burn 472 calories. 
Women's Doubles
  • The 30 year-old woman playing competitive doubles’ tennis will burn 289 calories in an hour.
  • The 50 year-old woman will burn 20 fewer calories.
Men's Doubles
  • The 30 year-old man playing competitive doubles for an hour will burn 365 calories.
  • The 50 year-old man will burn 337 calories.
Other Considerations
  • The number of calories burned playing tennis varies considerably, depending on the level of competition. The sections listed are examples of active games, in which the players are on the move most of the time.
  • Competitive tennis burns about twice as many calories as competitive indoor volleyball, about the same as basketball and about two-thirds as much as cross-country skiing.
At the Annabel Croft Tennis Academy, we have the perfect way to judge your standard of play. We have cleverly designed a PLAYER RATINGS CHART. Read on to choose which category you think you belong in. If you are unsure, come down to the Academy and speak to the Coaches, who will help you assess your standard of play. PLAYING COMPETITIVE TENNIS IS GOOD FOR YOU!

Playing tennis on a clay court is significantly different from playing on a hard court or grass surface. Clay courts are considered by many to be the most difficult tennis surface - but this is a myth. Here are a few steps that will improve your clay tennis game and help you prepare for your French Open dreams. 


Be patient - because clay tennis courts play slower than other surfaces, points usually last longer. Clay courts don't produce a lot of non-returnable shots, so good conditioning is essential since you will be moving back and forth a lot.
Mix up your shots. Clay courts require lots of creativity since the surface slows down your hard shots. Use different spins and angles instead of just trying to hit it hard. The element of surprise is your best friend on clay courts.
Put topspin on your shots. Topspin works well on clay because the spin bites into the clay well, giving it a more unpredictable bounce and it will make it difficult for your opponent to put counter spin on it.
Play deep on clay tennis courts more than you would on hard courts or grass. Playing deep will allow you more time to plan your shots since clay is slower. This will allow you more control over the point instead of just reacting.
Learn to slide on clay. The clay surface is different from the other surfaces in footing as well as bounce. Being able to slide effectively on clay will allow you to get to balls you would not have a chance at on harder surfaces.
Make your opponent back up and hit them with a drop shot. Drop shots can be devastating on clay and mixed with deep balls with lots of topspin, drop shots can give you a great advantage.
Come down to the Academy and experience clay court tennis this year…
and add more variety to your game.
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