Friday, June 1, 2012

Annabel Croft Tennis Philosophy

Annabel’s philosophy on tennis comes from 35 years experience involved with the game, both as a professional on the WTA Tour and a media commentator/presenter following the sport at its highest level.

Annabel was National Junior Champion at all age groups; u-12, u-14 and u-16 and was also the youngest Britain for 100 years to play at Seniors level at Wimbledon, at the age of just 15. Annabel won both Junior Wimbledon and Australian Open titles in 1984.

Annabel lived in the USA, training and gaining experience with her Australian Coach, Owen Davidson (former Grand Slam Champion with Billie Jean King) and also at the Harry Hopman’s and Nick Bollitieris Academies in Florida!

Since retiring from the tour, Annabel has carved a successful media career in television, anchoring and presenting tennis programmes for major companies including the BBC, Sky TV and International Eurosport. In addition, Annabel has continued to host tennis clinics, exhibitions and tennis master classes alongside the likes of Boris Becker and Venus Williams.

The Annabel Croft Tennis Academy was established in April 2009, in order to fulfil her lifelong ambition to pass on her vast knowledge.

Having three children herself, she was frustrated at the way tennis was delivered, with many clubs coaching to large numbers on court, where children would stand at the back, waiting in line to hit a single  ball. Many of the groups were of mixed standards and at the end of the hour, very few quality balls had been hit. As a result of this experience (and Annabel’s visit to the Sanchez-Casal Academy in Barcelona, where she completed the coaching course), Annabel’s  Academy  found its philosophy in ensuring small coaching groups, delivering core content through high energy movement drills and adding good tactical advice in rally situations. She feels she has created a method in which players maximise their time every week on court, by hitting large volumes of tennis balls, understanding vital movement patterns required and techniques covering all areas of the court, whilst mixing this with essential serving, returning and rally opportunities.

Annabel’s  key aim is for all players to enjoy their tennis, have sound technique and understanding of the game and to be inspired to keep playing tennis for many years to come.

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