Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Aphrodite Hills Real Estate has released Villa 299 to the market!

Lanitis Development has just released on to the market an exceptional Villa that epitomises the incomparable lifestyle at Aphrodite Hills Resort. 

Currently known as simply as luxurious Villa 299, the spacious property stands on a plot of over 1,800 square metres on the Resort’s stunning eastern plateau and affords spectacular, far reaching views over the unspoilt ravine and beyond. 

Architecturally, the three-storey Villa blends traditional Cypriot village style with an exceptional and luxurious Villa for sale at Aphrodite Hills Resort contemporary luxury. The spacious living area has a open feature fireplace - a main focal point for relaxation and entertaining. 

The three or four bedrooms, depending on how the new Owner configures the house, includes a master suite complete with a generously sized private terrace. On the ground floor, covered terraces lead out to beautifully landscaped gardens, designed as a sequence of rooms and culminating in the pool terrace centred on its unique swimming pool with natural rocks, cascades and whirlpools. 

Introducing the Villa, Mr. Andronicos Antoniou, Head of Sales & Marketing at Lanitis Development said, “Realistically priced at €1,750,000 the property would make the ultimate holiday retreat, generate a healthy income from letting or be the perfect full time residence. 

In addition to all of this and more, ownership of this superb property would be an entrée to the Aphrodite Hills experience and all of the superb sports and leisure facilities, the InterContinental Hotel and restaurants all located at this multi award winning 5-star Resort.” 

For further information please contact the Sales Office: Tel: +357 26 828 050 or email: info@lanitisdev.com

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Aphrodite Hills Golf Spring Open 2013

Thank you to Lacoste for their support and sponsorship of the Spring Open 2013 at Aphrodite Hills Resort. Saturday 2nd March was a perfect spring day and it was certainly a fantastic day for our three winners. Young Paul Schebesta continued his good run of form with an impressive 39 points. 

Paul is a member of the Aphrodite Hills Junior Programme and was delighted with the way he played and was happy to see a further handicap reduction. Our Runner-up and 3rd placed Golfers were Tina and Tony Raphael. All of the lucky winners received gifts from Lacoste.

Position Name HCP Total Back 9
1 SCHEBESTA, Paul (Jnr) 21 39 20
2 RAPHAEL, Tina 30 35 18
3 RAPHAEL, Tony 10 34 20
4 MOUZOURIS, Yiannos 28 34 17
5 STEFANOU, Marinos 28 33 17
6 PANAYIDES, Paris 9 32 17
7 PAPALOIZOU, Zenon 33 32 15

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Timis Kampanellis & Kristi Louca demonstrate training using a ‘Buddy System’

The Aphrodite Hills Resort Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer - Timis Kampanellis – demonstrates a beneficial and enjoyable way of training with a friend. The ‘Buddy System’ involves working out with another person - this ensures both parties get the maximum out of the training session, whilst at the same time assisting each other in a daily workout (see video below). An added bonus of this type of workout is that it can take place in most locations – including the privacy of your own home. 

In this video recorded from the television programme ‘Kali Sas Mera’ on PIK 1 – Timis and his buddy Kristi workout together. Kristi begins by demonstrating an exercise called the ‘bridge’, whilst at the same time, Timis maintaining an outward stretch resting on his elbows, completes an exercise called the ‘plank’. This particular workout targets the glutes (buttock muscles) for Kristi and the abs (abdominal muscles) for Timis. 

In the second exercise, Kristi holds on to Timis’ ankles for support as she lifts her legs towards him repeatedly, thus concentrating the workout on her abs and legs. At the same time Timis exercises his leg muscles by repeatedly going from a standing to a semi-squat position as he also pushes Kristi’s legs downwards to the floor. 

The third exercise is beneficial for Kristi. Here she is doing leg presses by using Timis’ weight as he leans his body against her feet. Kristi then pushes Timis away from her and back again repeatedly with her legs. This exercise concentrates on working the glutes and thighs. 

In the last exercise, both parties will again benefit as they are using each other for support. Standing face to face with arms outright and holding hands, this position ensures the correct posture of both bodies. Simultaneously both go from a standing to a squat position, repeating the movement several times. This focuses the impact of the workout on the buttocks and glutes.

For more information on on the buddy system do not hesitate to contact us at the Retreat Gym at +357 26 828100.