Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Timis Kampanellis & Kristi Louca demonstrate training using a ‘Buddy System’

The Aphrodite Hills Resort Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer - Timis Kampanellis – demonstrates a beneficial and enjoyable way of training with a friend. The ‘Buddy System’ involves working out with another person - this ensures both parties get the maximum out of the training session, whilst at the same time assisting each other in a daily workout (see video below). An added bonus of this type of workout is that it can take place in most locations – including the privacy of your own home. 

In this video recorded from the television programme ‘Kali Sas Mera’ on PIK 1 – Timis and his buddy Kristi workout together. Kristi begins by demonstrating an exercise called the ‘bridge’, whilst at the same time, Timis maintaining an outward stretch resting on his elbows, completes an exercise called the ‘plank’. This particular workout targets the glutes (buttock muscles) for Kristi and the abs (abdominal muscles) for Timis. 

In the second exercise, Kristi holds on to Timis’ ankles for support as she lifts her legs towards him repeatedly, thus concentrating the workout on her abs and legs. At the same time Timis exercises his leg muscles by repeatedly going from a standing to a semi-squat position as he also pushes Kristi’s legs downwards to the floor. 

The third exercise is beneficial for Kristi. Here she is doing leg presses by using Timis’ weight as he leans his body against her feet. Kristi then pushes Timis away from her and back again repeatedly with her legs. This exercise concentrates on working the glutes and thighs. 

In the last exercise, both parties will again benefit as they are using each other for support. Standing face to face with arms outright and holding hands, this position ensures the correct posture of both bodies. Simultaneously both go from a standing to a squat position, repeating the movement several times. This focuses the impact of the workout on the buttocks and glutes.

For more information on on the buddy system do not hesitate to contact us at the Retreat Gym at +357 26 828100. 

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