Monday, August 5, 2013

Annabel Croft tennis Academy the Post Wimbledon Championships Special

Welcome to the August Edition of the Annabel Croft tennis Academy and the Post Wimbledon Championships Special. 

The All England Club has a New Men’s and Women’s singles Champion. A Milestone only reached by a select few. Andy Murray of Great Britain and Marion Bartoli of France won for the first time at the All England Club and for Andy Murray in Particular becoming the First British male in 77 years to win since Fred Perry back in the 1930’s. For Andy this was his second Grand Slam Title and for Marion her first.

This Month we Profile the Men’s singles Champion Andy Murray from Great Britain.


• NAME: Andy Murray

• OCCUPATION: Tennis Player
• BIRTH DATE: May 15, 1987 (Age: 26)
• PLACE OF BIRTH: Dunblane, Scotland
• AKA: Andrew Murray
• AKA: Andy Murray
• Full Name: Andrew Barron Murray

When Andy is at Home in London he trains at the same Venue as the Annabel Croft Tennis Academy which is run from the National Tennis Centre in Roehampton.

Andy Murray was born in Dunblane, Scotland, on May 15, 1987, Andy Murray has been ranked one of the world's best tennis players since 2007, and is a two-time Grand Slam winner. On May 15, 1987, to Judy and William Murray, Andrew Barron Murray experienced terrible tragedy when he was only 8 years old. In March 1996, while Murray was sitting in his classroom at the Dunblane Primary School, an armed man by the name of Thomas Hamilton entered the facility, and shot and killed 17 people—16 students and one teacher—before committing suicide by turning the gun on himself. During the horrible event, Murray ran and hid in his headmaster's office. Since 2007, Andy Murray has been romantically involved with Kim Sears, who frequently attends Murray's matches and is often photographed by media outlets.
In 2007, Murray became ranked as one of the world's Top 10 tennis players. In the following years, his ranking improved to No. 4 and No. 2 and he became a three-time Grand Slam runner-up; he lost to Roger Federer at both the 2008 US Open and 2010 Australian Open, and to Novak Djokovic at the 2011 Australian Open. In January 2012, Murray won the Brisbane Open 250 tournament, claiming his 22nd ATP title.

Later that year, Murray made it to the Wimbledon final for the first time, winning the Wimbledon semifinal against Jo Wilfried Tsonga on July 6, 2012. Murray's victory made is country proud—he was the first tennis pro from Britain to reach the Wimbledon final since 1938. However, Murray lost in the final to longtime rival Roger Federer, who claimed his seventh Wimbledon win. Murray scored an impressive victory over Novak Djokovic in a tough five sets to clinch his first Wimbledon title, becoming the first player from Britain since 1977—and the first British man since 1936—to win a Wimbledon Crown.

"We Scots have a fierce pride in the things we do that others can never appreciate. I am the British No. 1, but I would prefer to be the British No. 1 from Scotland every time."

"Contrary to my image, I do have a sense of humor. The Office is one of my favorite comedies and David Brent is simply the funniest character ever invented. It is so, so funny how much of an idiot that guy is."

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