Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Retreat Spa - Inner Health and Fitness

 Inner Health and Fitness

Vitality Menu

They say “you are what you eat”, so with that in mind the Retreat Juice Bar and Health Restaurant has re-vamped its menu and now offers a healthy dining option for breakfast, lunch and early dinner.
If you're eager to begin a new healthy eating regime, or get back in shape after too much indulgence, why not start your day with a workout in the Gym followed by a nutritious and healthy breakfast. Choose from a selection of muesli, low fat yogurts, dried fruits, nuts & seeds and seasonal fresh fruits.

Our Vitality Menu also offers a wide selection of salads, light meals and low calorie desserts. Our concept is to provide healthy cuisine but with so many flavours you will never notice it’s good for you! We will introduce you to the freshest produce creatively prepared with flavours that will tantilise your taste buds and create delicious dining experiences.
Our view of spa cuisine is that the moderation should be in the quantity you eat not the flavour.

The Retreat Juice Bar & Health Restaurant is available to all Retreat Spa Gym Members and any guest who has a treatment or day package at the Retreat Spa.

For further press information please contact:
Maria Demosthenous
T: 357 26 829 601 F: 357 26 829 602
E: maria.d@aphroditehills.com


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  6. One less star because you have to get an addition 99/month membership to use the MMA area. Other than that everything is pretty cool. I love the ab room and they have a ton of cardio equipment between whats upstairs and downstairs. Adult weight loss camp for adults

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