Wednesday, January 22, 2014

INTRODUCTION TO DANNY HEARD - Aphrodite Hills Resort Golf Pro

Danny Heard - PGA Qualified Golf Professional & Instructor, Aphrodite Hills Resort

Aphrodite Hills Resort is the first ever leisure and golf development in Cyprus and home to a magnificent 18-hole championship Golf Course, with a dedicated Golf Academy and a magnificent Clubhouse. As the Resort is synonymous with playing golf, it is my responsibility as a Golf Instructor to encourage players of all ages and abilities to learn and improve their game at the Aphrodite Hills 3-hole Golf Academy. I’d like to introduce myself - my name is Danny Heard and I’m one of the PGA qualified Golf Professionals and Instructors here at the Resort, where we are fully equipped to provide the very best one-on-one golfing tuition.
To give you a brief insight into my background, I come from a very sporting English family. My mother was a Physical Education teacher, my father a golf fanatic and my younger brother, an all-round competitive sports player. I excelled in football, cricket and basketball and in all of these sports I represented my county as a young boy. At this point, I had already started to play golf - at the tender age of just 8 years old! So throughout my younger years, sport was already my passion. After completing my ‘A’ Level exams, I decided to concentrate solely on my game of golf and as I began to excel in the sport, I won a number of county tournaments. As I reached a certain standard of play and my golf handicap was reducing, I was able to compete in a number of national events. Golf became my new way of life!
Dedication is the name of the game whilst striving to become a professional golfer with the correct accreditations. Whilst partaking in my PGA training programme, I was also expected to complete 30 hours per week of golf-associated work, which in my case consisted of time in a Golf Pro Shop, golf instruction and teaching. I also had to enter a minimum of 21 golf tournaments to fulfil my training obligations. I am very proud to say that I passed my yearly exams with flying colours and became a fully qualified PGA Professional.

For me, golf is a way of life… it is all-encompassing as it is not only my chosen career, but also my passion. My years working in various golf establishments in England enabled me to grow not only as a golfer, but also as an instructor. I had experience of working in all levels of Golf Clubs - from the low end of the market where the Club was affordable and accessible to all players - to the higher end of the market where the Club had a 2-year waiting list for membership. During this period, I coached and taught people from all walks of life, each with differing levels of ability and all ages.

As a Golf Instructor I believe that it is a very ‘personal service’ we offer to potential and existing clients, and by this I mean we have to be approachable at all times and contactable whenever the need arises. It is not unusual for me to give my personal telephone number to clients for any golfing issues they may face and I actively encourage them to call me.
The award-winning Golf Course at Aphrodite Hills was officially opened in 2002 and was designed by the renowned architect, Cabell Robinson. Aphrodite Hills is the perfect mix of challenging pot bunkers, manicured fairways and generous tiered greens. It is also visually spectacular, as the Course expands through indigenous olive and carob trees and is built on 2 plateaux separated by a dramatic ravine with outstanding views of the Mediterranean Sea. I am proud to say that in 2009 I began working here and I am now one of 3 professional PGA Golf Instructors lucky enough to enjoy this magnificent Course and its facilities.
At the 3-hole Academy Course, Aphrodite Hills Golf provides the perfect environment for learning golf before progressing to the full Course. Additional facilities also available at the Academy include a Driving Range, Chipping Area and Putting Green. We ‘coach’ or ‘teach’ all ages, nationalities and levels of players - I make this differentiation because I believe that we ‘teach’ beginners and we ‘coach’ the more advanced players. A typical lesson will last approximately 45 minutes and we offer lessons 7 days-a-week. Golf Professional, Giles Johnson and I oversee the running and operation of the Driving Range and the Golf Academy - including the Junior Golf Academy, which currently consists of 35 children from 6 to 16 years of age.
I am very proud to be part of such a dedicated and hard-working team. This is continually reinforced by the excellent feedback we receive from our clients globally - and by the repeat custom we get every day of the year. Client satisfaction is paramount to me and when I see my golfing students grow in performance, technique and confidence then I know I have done something right!

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