Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Skin Care tips for the Summer

Smooth Summer Skin
Prepare your skin for the summer season ! 
Exfoliation is the most important thing during the post-winter months. Our body’s metabolism slows during winter, so our skin doesn’t exfoliate as quickly as normal. You need to exfoliate gently, without scratching the skin, this will help your make-up go on much better. We recommend the ESPA Refining Skin Polish for all skin types.
Also, our liver naturally detoxifies during spring, so you may break out in more spots/blackheads. Regular cleansing from the inside out, along with a proper diet and drinking plenty of water and introducing a liquid pro-biotic each day can really help tremendously. Eat the right kind of foods. A mixture of fruit and vegetables with lean meats.
To treat breakouts, try steaming your pores over a bowl of hot water with a few drops of ESPA Balancing Face Treatment Oil which contains Rose Damascena and Rose Geranium to unlock your pores and promote a clear skin prior to using a face mask
Try to use a face mask once a week. The ESPA Essential Cleansing Mask can be left overnight to purify and balance your skin.
Follow with the ESPA 24-Hour Balancing Moisturizer with White Thyme & Lavender which is non oily yet a very effective hydrator.
 Try not to smoke. Smoke is such a hazard for blocked skin.
Try to live a stress free life, take regular breaks from work and family commitments.

Try to incorporate exercise during the day – try walking to the next bus stop or getting off one step earlier, use the stairs not the escalator or lifts.
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  1. Great post !!! really awesome through this I can perfectly care my skin.I was completely ignore about that Exfoliation happens during winter so that skins are not glowing at this time.Thanks a lot for valuable information what you are describing starting from the problems to solution every thing was excellent and also its remedies.I loved it very much .Thanks a lot...Sir may I know how to take my baby skin safe in this summer as well as in summer.Before that I was interacted through for kid skin care.

  2. Dear Alma,
    Children have perfectly balanced skin; however it is more delicate than ours so needs protection. Make sure you use a high sun protection factor 50+ on their skin and re-apply frequently if they are going into the sea or pool. It is also better to wear protective clothing, hats and eye-wear so that they are fully protected. You want them to have fun in the sun but sun damaged skin at a young age is very dangerous and can lead to skin sensitivity & problems in the future. Look out for sun creams which offer broad spectrum defense and the latest sun creams offer nucleic defense which means that they can repair and defend the skin at a deeper level by introducing DNA molecules to absorb and neutralize the UV rays so that they do not damage your skin cells whilst boosting their repair.
    For after sun care, use a mild soap free shower gel and an after sun soothing cream to prevent dehydration.
    Regards - Aphrodite Hills Resort Beauty Team

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