Friday, June 13, 2014

Off-Peak Golf Members Weekender

Saturday 31st May 2014 saw an impressive display of golf from all ages at the ‘Off- Peak Members Weekender’ held at Aphrodite Hills Resort - but it was the young 8-year-old Vilda West Blanc who stole the show!
In blustery conditions this little girl proved that the game is indeed a great leveller, no matter your age or Handicap. Vilda struggled slightly on the long par 5’s, but on the par 3’s and 4’s she amassed an excellent 38 points to take day one and also had three shots cut from her Handicap. Throughout the day Vilda not only played well, but also her etiquette and manner were impeccable and she was a credit to her proud parents. Oscar, Vilda’s 13-year-old brother was my playing partner for the day, and on amassing 33 points he was also a credit to himself, his family and the wonderful game of golf.
All entrants played with determination, fun and sportsmanship - exactly the way golf should be played. Day one saw another excellent player, Nigel Jones, who deservedly won ‘nearest the pin’ on hole 17, whilst his partner Sara took runners-up position.

Sunday 1st June 2014 continued with a full field wanting to know if they could ‘peg back’ Vilda after her amazing first day. Conditions were equal to Saturday, with the wind proving vital for shot-making and club selection.
Day two of the event had a twist, as the par 3’s for men were from white tees and the ladies from blue tees. The rest of the course played from yellow and red tees.
After scoring 32 points on day one, Pat Chapman had much to achieve - but he showed good form after his first day’s impressive back nine total of 22 points.
Day two became his day, as he shot 18 on the front nine and 22 points again on the back nine to give him a total of 40 points and become the winner of day two! Second place was won by staff member Robby Robinson, who also won ‘nearest the pin’ on hole 17. The prize for ‘nearest the pin’ in two shots on hole 14 was Nigel Jones, who is making a habit of winning the extra prizes! Well done to all prize winners!

The overall winner for the weekend had to be decided on countback between Pat Chapman and 8-year-old Vilda, who scored 34 points on day two, therefore giving both players 72 points for the whole event. However, it was Pat Chapman with his 44 point total for two days on the back nine who took the prize. Oscar took third place with 68 (33:35) points.
Other notable points of the weekend were:
Gabs made her debut in a competition and played well. Sara and Nigel Jones both wished to lower their Handicaps and did so. Bob Peach and Peter Harward played with gusto and fun. Sam and Kathy Lawson may have had their own private game going as their scores for each day were equal, but I won’t mention who was victorious! Craig VV, Mark Barrow, Pam and Martin laughed at their errors on the course but would have won the 19th - easily!

Finally, I would like to thank all entrants for their overall support and from me personally after suffering a trapped nerve - I appreciate your kind words! Many thanks to Gabriel’s Restaurant in Kouklia for hosting the after-event meal and for their support of the Off-Peak Members. I also agree with Fiona Harward that we must make this event a regular one! However, I believe that for all ages of players the overall winner was golf! Thank You!

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