Friday, June 6, 2014

Two Exciting New Restaurants at Aphrodite Hills this Summer

At Aphrodite Hills Resort we are proud of the diversity of dining choices we offer our guests, and we’re very excited about our latest restaurant developments.  The ever popular Asian Corner is on the move from the Village Square to the Leander restaurant within the InterContinental Hotel itself.  The menu remains the same as before, with all your favourite Asian influences on one extensive menu.

Taking the place of the Asian Corner in the Village Square is our new Indian restaurant concept, The Gate to India.  This exciting new restaurant blends many of the traditional Indian cooking techniques with carefully sourced quality ingredients to deliver a truly authentic Indian dining experience.  Enjoying an outstanding location within our Village Square we are sure you will grow to love The Gate to India as much as our other dining experiences.

For more information or bookings, please visit: Aphrodite Hills Restaurant & Bars

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