Monday, July 14, 2014

Gate to India - the latest addition to your culinary experience

We are delighted to announce the opening of the latest addition to our variety of restaurants, situated in the Village Square at the heart of Aphrodite Hills Resort.

The Gate to India Restaurant offers a unique dining experience, serving innovative Indian cuisine in an elegant and stylish setting.

Our food is sourced from superior quality ingredients and ensures the highest level of freshness. Mouthwatering Indian dishes are made precisely to your taste, whether you are looking to experience a delicious curry or Tandoori-roasted culinary delights straight from the clay oven.

We consider Gate to India to be a truly ‘Indian’ Restaurant, honouring a diverse range of authentic cooking traditions, whilst interpreting each with our unique creative vision. The warm and courteous hospitality of our staff, coupled with the stylish and elegant décor of the restaurant contribute to a memorable dining experience for our guests enjoy. We guarantee we’ll leave each guest with the desire to try more of our delectable menu options!

Joining us for the opening of Gate to India Restaurant is Sherin Alexander-Mody, Executive Director of the Blue Elephant Group, which includes Blue Elephant and La Porte des Indes Restaurants worldwide. Under her professional guidance, this new addition to the diverse culinary choice available at the Resort opened its doors on the 28th June.

As a youngster, Indian-born Sherin had no ambition other than to become a lawyer. Yet, having travelled to Singapore where some of her family lived, she was so influenced by her cousins who had studied Le Cordon Bleu that she decided to change course.

After winning a gold medal as ‘Best All-Round Student’ of her year at the Mumbai Catering College, everyone who knew Sherin realised that she would go on to accomplish many feats.
Sherin excelled in her field and having spent time overseas working with the Taj Group - India's most prestigious hotel group - and gaining priceless work experience, the opportunity arose to launch ‘La Porte des Indes’ in Brussels, London and recently at the Address Hotel Dubai Mall, in the capacity of General Manager and Executive Director.

Sherin's hard work at maintaining the highest standard of service on the restaurant floor is just one of the reasons why so many high-profile celebrities have dined there in recent times.
Sherin is also co-author of the cookbook ‘La Porte des Indes’.

Embark on an exciting culinary journey and experience the best of India's regional cuisine, presented in a refreshingly modern style at the Gate to India Restaurant, in the heart of Aphrodite HillsResort.

For further information on dining at Aphrodite Hills Resort, please visit:  

For Restaurant reservations, please contact: ic.f& or call: +357 26 82 96 21 


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