Friday, October 24, 2014

Dining News @Aphrodite Hills Resort !

Aphrodite Hills Resort has a reputation second-to-none for its selection of restaurants offering delicious and diverse dining options.

International Carvery Buffet!

Enjoy our traditional Sunday Buffet at the Golf Clubhouse, located next to the Golf Course and boasting extensive terraces with the most spectacular views. The package consists of a diverse variety of fresh salads, a succulent carvery prepared and served by our Chefs, a selection of hot and cold dishes and a variety of delicious sweet delights. This beautifully prepared buffet is complemented by picture-perfect views of the Aphrodite Hills Golf Club greens. 50% discount for children under the age of 12. From 12.30pm to 3.30pm.

Pithari Tavern - Traditional Meze

Meze - Literally means ‘small dishes’. It is a unique style of dining which consists of many different courses. Each course contains just a little of each item, yet there’s enough for everyone to share and have a taste!

Pithari Tavern
Located on ground level in the Village Square; a paved stone terrace overlooking the stunning Mediterranean Sea and the 9th hole of Aphrodite Hills Golf Course.
Pithari Tavern is a traditional Greek Cypriot tavern, offering authentic island cuisine. Guests have the opportunity to taste traditional island cooking and classic tavern-type food, either as a fresh customary meze or a delicious à la carte variation. Pithari also hosts themed nights, such as the ‘Cyprus Meze Night’ with authentic live music.
Opening Hours: 6.30pm - 10.30pm.
Tel: +357 26 82 80 75


Say goodbye to the summer and welcome in the autumn at our classic Asiatic Restaurant, Asian Corner at Leander.
Asian Corner offers a combination of Sushi delicacies and Chinese specialties, featuring recipes which use fresh ingredients from across Asia. Prepared by a Sushi Master and a Chinese Head Chef, Asian Corner offers a large selection of Sushi, Sashimi, Maki, Temaki and signature Chinese main courses.

MEET THE TEAM ! Introducing Demetris Paparistodemou

Demetris is the Pithari Tavern Manager and has worked at Aphrodite Hills Resort Hotel for nine years. He is 44 years old, married and lives with his wife and three children in Paphos.

For many years, Demetris had his own business in the UK and received invaluable experience in creating the right atmosphere and quality of service for his Guests, which he has implemented at Pithari Tavern. Demetris studied in Cyprus at a local Hospitality College.

He was 26 years old when he migrated from Cyprus to Manchester, England where he opened and ran a successful restaurant. After several years in the UK, he became rather homesick and decided to go back to his roots, so on returning to Cyprus he joined Aphrodite Hills. In Demetris’ words “Pithari Tavern is a unique restaurant because of its amazing location, high quality of food and service; local cuisine at its very best.”

As the Restaurant Manager, Demetris is involved with every aspect of the restaurant and he therefore follows an amazing philosophy at work:

“Restaurant Managers have to wear many hats during any given day of work. To be successful you must plan ahead, communicate expectations to staff, care for customers and do it all in a consistent and up-beat manner. Once you are able to embody these traits you will be able to handle anything that is thrown at you, including the kitchen sink”.

For more information on our Resort Dining Options, visit: Aphrodite Hills Dining

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Retreat Spa - Autumn Health Focus

Preparing for weather changes, physically and mentally...

Be prepared.
After a long hot summer we are all looking forward to the cooler autumn months. Lower humidity and cooler breezes makes the autumn one of the best seasons in Cyprus, however we can sometimes get caught out as the weather changes dramatically from one day to the next. Make sure you have a cardigan, wrap or light summer jacket at hand. If not, raid your winter wardrobe and be prepared with a few light items.
Every year as the days become cooler, people act as if their colds and bouts of sickness are somehow new and unexpected. This year we want to help you prepare for the cooler months and keep the sniffles at bay.

Vitamins, the great Outdoors and Rest

Get outside and stay active. 
As the temperature cools down it gives us a great opportunity for outdoor activities, such as golf, tennis, cycling, long walks or hiking. Stay active and enjoy the light breeze, whilst still getting some sunshine which is a great source of vitamin D.

Take your vitamins. 
Despite experiencing cold and darkness, Nordic countries have a significantly lower rate of seasonal effective disorder. Researchers believe the key is the volume of fish they eat. The enormous reserve of vitamin D and vitamin A found in the fatty tissue of fish is very important to prepare ourselves for cooler months, before the really cold weather actually hits. If you want to skip the fish-eating part, consider stopping by your local health food store to pick up fish oil capsules or omega complex, which could do the trick just as well. Additionally, taking a multivitamin and vitamin C won't hurt given the decrease in fresh fruit and vegetable consumption, which most people experience in the cooler months.

Stay hydrated. 
Hydration is another key element to preparing your body for winter. People tend to drink a lot of water and fluids in the summer. The autumn and winter months can be just as dehydrating, so don’t give up on your water-drinking habit just because you don’t sweat much these days. 
Be mindful of how much water you drink. Try to drink two litres or eight glasses of water every day whatever the weather, it will keep you detoxified and your skin young, clear and healthy. 

Finally, you also have the chance to get a good night’s sleep after the very hot and humid summer months. Proper sleep, vitamin supplements and fresh air are excellent mood boosters; they will make you feel energised and prepared for the inevitable changes in weather conditions.

For more information on what is on offer at The Retreat Spa visit: Aphrodite Hills Resort Spa

Monday, October 6, 2014

Aphrodite Hills Golf - September News

The OFF-PEAK Event for September was timed nicely to coincide with the only ‘YES’ vote in Scotland last week! The ‘YES’ vote we are referring to is the Royal & Ancient Golf Club, which is now allowing ladies into the Club for the first time in 300 years. So to mark this momentous occasion, all golfers who competed in the Off-Peak Event played from the Ladies’ red tees. The Men did not fare too well, although the exception to the rule was Leslie Redrup, who won with 26 points for 9 holes!! The winner of the Ladies event was Sofie Field with 19 points. Leslie, not surprisingly, took the ‘Nearest the Pin’ in two shots on the 8th hole.

May we take this opportunity on behalf of the Golf element at Aphrodite Hills to thank you all for your continued support and wish you all the best of success in everything you do... and on the golf course, may all your drives be long and may your putts drop in. 

The 3rd DGS MARINE Corporate Event was held on a beautiful day here on Friday 19th September. The reason we mention the weather is because the previous year’s event was played during a severe gale; this year was perfect in more ways than just the weather. The organisers of this golfing event, Mr Holger Cahnbley, Garyfallia Karouta and Angela Zviagzne in conjunction with David Stone, Head of Golf Services, provided an event for their business associates. The day is seen as a fitting end to a busy week of conferences and seminars, with sport and some fun - and that was easily achieved. There were lots of highlights throughout the day, but a fantastic day and evening was had by all.

The entrants played Stableford golf, whilst the budding beginners had a golf lesson with Adam Collinson at the DrivingRange. This was a superb introduction to the game we love, and all participants expressed how they thoroughly enjoyed Adam’s enthusiasm and teaching style. To book a lesson with Adam or any of the Golf Professionals, please book via the Pro Shop by calling Te;.  +357 26 8282 200

After play at the want of Holger Cahnbley and his team, all players and staff of DGS from all locations across the world, feasted on a fantastic barbeque provided by the culinary team in the Golf Clubhouse. This was preceded with a cocktail/prize-giving event, which everyone deserved after some great golf and a great week for DGS Marine. To appreciate the work done by DGS Marine, please visit their website at:  


We look forward to their renewed corporate input with us at Aphrodite Hills and hope to further enhance a fantastic event on our golfing calendar. We wish DGS Marine all the best for everything they do in their business and personal lives. Once again, many thanks to everyone for a truly great day.

For more information on what is happening at Aphrodite Hills Golf please visit: Golf Calendar