Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Retreat Spa - Autumn Health Focus

Preparing for weather changes, physically and mentally...

Be prepared.
After a long hot summer we are all looking forward to the cooler autumn months. Lower humidity and cooler breezes makes the autumn one of the best seasons in Cyprus, however we can sometimes get caught out as the weather changes dramatically from one day to the next. Make sure you have a cardigan, wrap or light summer jacket at hand. If not, raid your winter wardrobe and be prepared with a few light items.
Every year as the days become cooler, people act as if their colds and bouts of sickness are somehow new and unexpected. This year we want to help you prepare for the cooler months and keep the sniffles at bay.

Vitamins, the great Outdoors and Rest

Get outside and stay active. 
As the temperature cools down it gives us a great opportunity for outdoor activities, such as golf, tennis, cycling, long walks or hiking. Stay active and enjoy the light breeze, whilst still getting some sunshine which is a great source of vitamin D.

Take your vitamins. 
Despite experiencing cold and darkness, Nordic countries have a significantly lower rate of seasonal effective disorder. Researchers believe the key is the volume of fish they eat. The enormous reserve of vitamin D and vitamin A found in the fatty tissue of fish is very important to prepare ourselves for cooler months, before the really cold weather actually hits. If you want to skip the fish-eating part, consider stopping by your local health food store to pick up fish oil capsules or omega complex, which could do the trick just as well. Additionally, taking a multivitamin and vitamin C won't hurt given the decrease in fresh fruit and vegetable consumption, which most people experience in the cooler months.

Stay hydrated. 
Hydration is another key element to preparing your body for winter. People tend to drink a lot of water and fluids in the summer. The autumn and winter months can be just as dehydrating, so don’t give up on your water-drinking habit just because you don’t sweat much these days. 
Be mindful of how much water you drink. Try to drink two litres or eight glasses of water every day whatever the weather, it will keep you detoxified and your skin young, clear and healthy. 

Finally, you also have the chance to get a good night’s sleep after the very hot and humid summer months. Proper sleep, vitamin supplements and fresh air are excellent mood boosters; they will make you feel energised and prepared for the inevitable changes in weather conditions.

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