Monday, January 26, 2015

Aphrodite Hills Golf - Members Vs Staff

When Members took on the Golf Staff !!!

On Monday 8th December 2014 both Staff and Members at Aphrodite Hills Golf faced one another for the second time in an 18-hole Fourball Betterball event.

The event was organised by staff member, Stewart McMahon and Club Captain, Sir David O’Dowd. It was the Members who took the upper hand in the early stages, leaving a result of 3.5 - 1.5. The AphroditeHills Team were kitted out in Aphrodite Hills uniforms for the day with an embroidered commemorative logo kindly organised by staff member, David Stone. The game was played in good weather, good spirits and with a great sporting sense.

Overall this was a fantastic event and the turnout from both Staff and Members was exceptional. Perhaps next year the Staff will be able to turn things around and win back the trophy!! After the game, the traditional visit to the 19th hole followed, for lunch and beverages kindly donated by the Members. The Director of the Golf Club, Andrew Darker gave an excellent speech and handed the trophy to Club Captain, Sir David O’ Dowd, during which he had the unenviable task in announcing the match score.

Many thanks go to all who participated and organised the event - and to all those who supported such a great day. We look forward to the third challenge next year!!!

The Teams were as follows:
Members                                                                    Staff
Ray Smith - Yiannis Demetriou                                 Andrew Darker - Tom Brewer
Matt Wake - Timothy Wilson                                    David Hollows - Stephanos Stephanou
David O’ Dowd - Graham Dye                                  Stewart McMahon - Holger Cahnbley
Stuart MacTavish - Nicos Pinotsis                             Robby Robinson - Mark Cole
Chris Smith - Petra Pinotsis                                       Chryso Lasonos - Marina Vasilieva

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