Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Retreat Spa Hair Salon gives you summer hair advice !


Thinking of going lighter for the sunny months? 
Don't reach for the dye without checking out our guide 
to the hottest hair hues of the season first!


Best Skin Tone and Hair Type: 
All light skin tones will look good in this shade of blonde. Hair that is naturally medium blonde or lighter, which is usually medium to fine in texture, could easily achieve this look.

Tip: Want to look like you got your highlights from the beach and not from the salon? Get partial highlights instead of a full highlight. By having just the top half of your head highlighted, your colour will look more natural. If you really did get your highlights from the sun, it would only lighten the surface of your hair. Here’s the good news: you get to save time and money by getting a partial highlight instead of a full one.

Platinum Rockstar

Do you really want to go lighter this summer? Skip the highlights and take the plunge to platinum blonde!

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:
This shade of blonde looks best on creamy ivory and pale beige skin tones. This shade could be easily achieved on hair that is naturally medium blonde or lighter. Hair that is naturally this shade is usually medium to fine in texture.

Tip: Going blonde is definitely something you don’t want to do yourself. Make sure to get this done by a professional. It would be a good idea to prepare your hair by strengthening it with a treatment weeks before you get it lightened and continue getting treatments after to maintain it.


Warm up your blonde locks with California beach-inspired sunny tone.

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:
Creamy ivory and golden beige skin tones will look best in this golden blonde shade. Hair that is dark blonde or lighter, which is usually medium to fine in texture, can easily achieve this colour.

Tip: Avoid getting uneven colour and bands on your hair by not going too long between retouch appointments. The part of the hair closest to the scalp tends to lighten more quickly because of body heat. If you have too much re-growth, you can end up getting a darker band of colour on the part of the re-growth that is farthest from the scalp.

Strawberry Shortcake

Pastel colours are still really popular. Have some fun with your hair this season and try a beautiful shade of pastel pink!

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:
Ivory and light peach skin tones look best in this shade. Hair that is naturally medium blonde or lighter will easily achieve this colour. Hair that is naturally medium blonde or lighter is usually medium to fine in texture.

Tip: Fun shades like this are usually temporary. Know that when the hair is porous, it could grab temporary colour more. It lasts longer than usual on this type of hair and is difficult to remove.

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